Gordon’s Music and Sound is now offering musical lessons for babies and toddlers! Early integration of music into your child’s routine improves social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and language development! Come and groove with us for some fun, music, and play!


My name is Monica Spencer, I’ve been a part of the team at Gordon’s Music and Sound for about three years now. I have been playing music all my life, picking up the clarinet in the fourth grade, moving onto the bass clarinet (which has been my instrument for years) and picking up the guitar and piano a few years after. My goal for Gordon’s Moosik is to provide an environment for little ones where they can learn to share, participate and socialize with others, while teaching them to clap and tap to music and learn simple rhythms. Making it fun and worthwhile! I am a mommy to a toddler, a student at UC Davis and now having the wonderful opportunity of teaching little ones at the store! I am looking forward to making all the musical memories with everyone!

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  1. Please understand that by enrolling in a class at Gordon’s Moosik with Monica, you are making a commitment. Of course, unexpecting things come up and sometimes even last minute, that may prohibit you from attending class on a certain day. However, missing multiple days will not allow your child to receive the full experience. Consistency and repetition are very important factors to learning. Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions—we are always available!
  2. Arriving 5-10 minutes before class begins is always a good idea to get the little ones familiar and ready for the music making environment. We kindly ask everyone to remove their shoes before stepping into the play area and dress comfortably!
  3. Only water, milk, and formula will be allowed in the area. Snacks are welcome, we just ask you to step outside of the music circle while snacking!
  4. If your child is ill, please refrain from coming to class so the rest of the class stays well. However, please let us know with as much advance as possible, so we may schedule a make-up.
  5. Our classes are ongoing year-round and once you are enrolled, you continue to stay enrolled. If you do find it necessary to stop classes, all you have to do is notify our staff before the next session/semester begins. Families who do not give notice before next session billing period be charged for the following session/semester.
  6. At our discretion, classes may need to be rescheduled or combined if the minimum enrollment is not met. (Minimum enrollment is usually four children per class.) Children are enrolled into classes by preparation level instead of age, so if you/we feel like your student should be in a higher level class, it is up to the parents of choosing. In this situation, we will certainly strive to give adequate notice and will give parents the option of choosing another class.
  7. In the event of a teacher illness where another teacher could not fill in, that class will be made up. We will notify you of cancellation and the scheduled make-up date. Although no refunds will be given if you miss a class because of illness or being out of town, we are happy to allow students who miss a class to try to make it up. Simply call or email in advance to attend another already-scheduled class.
  8. If your child’s behavior is disrupting the flow of the lesson, please respect the right of others to enjoy the activities and quietly remove your child from the room until they are calm and settled enough to rejoin the class. A few, but not exhaustive list of examples would be screaming and/or throwing a temper tantrum, running uncontrollably, spitting, pushing, hitting or behaving in ways that are preventing other children and caregivers from enjoying class.
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Can you join a class at any time?

Yes! If you happen to enroll after the session has begun, your tuition will be prorated to only include the remaining classes.


Groups of 18 months – 3 ½ years of age. Broken down into levels of 1, 2, and 3. Up to 8 children in a group.

How many students in a class?

Classes will have up to 6 children at the most.

Refund policy?

When you register, we reserve a space in the class for the entire semester. Groups are limited to several children, so sometimes students must be turned away in order that we do not give a way or double book your spot. Commitment is expected.

If by chance, you must be discounting classes. Please notify us and the remaining classes may be refunded.

If you’re unsure that your child will be interested in the class, we are happy to schedule a free preview visit. Where you and child can watch but not participate.

Make up policy?

We are happy to accommodate up to three make-up classes per semester. These classes must be made in advance. Day of cancelations will not be accepted.


Studio policy is that only children that are enrolled may participate in the class. Siblings that want to attend must either sign up or can drop in for $15/day.

Can parents attend?

Of course! However, because we don’t want to overcrowd the classes or overwhelm the children, only one adult is allowed per child. You may alternate who brings your child week to week.

Special needs children?

Special needs children are most always welcome! Children with autism, speech difficulty, down’s syndrome, and other physical, emotional and learning disorders thrive and improved generously with routinely music lessons!

NOTE: Let us know the needs of your children when you register him/her, so we can accommodate to the fullest.

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