Samantha Lee

Bass, Guitar, Ukulele

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Samantha describes her classroom as a fun-oriented and exciting environment that focuses on playing songs as soon as possible. She specializes in rhythmic studies, finger picking techniques and improvisation. She pulls a lot of influence from funk, blues, jazz, soul and classic rock. She currently teaches guitar, bass guitar and ukulele. In the past she has taught intermediate clarinet and beginning alto saxophone.

Samantha believes in the power of having fun to stimulate learning, while providing theory and technique tips as she goes.

"Once their fingers start remembering where to go, the theory behind it just falls into place. It’s all about patterns and having fun while learning this new musical language. I tell my students, don’t just practice… play."

Samantha has a vast experience in multiple workshops, both teaching and as a student. She has team-taught bass and rhythm at the Berkeley School of Jazz All-Girl's Summer Camp, studied under Steven Taylor in the Fairfield Jazz Program and under Delbert Bump, in the Solano College Jazz Program. She is currently a student at Napa Valley College.

Samantha Lee provides top-notch bass, guitar and ukulele lessons here at Gordons Music and Sound in downtown Fairfield, CA.


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